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The Variacor range of products are unique in many ways, and they fulfil a segment in the market which has been lacking in the past.  The range of swivels provide the ultimate in free movement to the operator which is unseen before!


The products cover many applications from pneumatic, hydraulic through to transfer of liquids and even fuels, including special motorsport fuels.  We have supplied many varied applications including fuel transfer in mine sites, specialised swivels for motorsport right down to the simplest of workshop applications.  All of these areas had one common requirement - free movement of the tool whilst connected to a supply line, whilst ensuring maximum flow and minimum friction inside the swivel.


We have aluminium and stainless steel swivels to meet the most demanding applications, and we can deliver them with an internal bore diameter up to a massive 40mm!


If you have a special application, we can deliver a tailor made product to resolve your issue.  Once such application was for a high performance Motorsport Team who needed a high pressure swivel with electrical throughput, a task we resolved with ease!


Need a swivel to reduce operator fatigue, improve safety, flow and durability - just ask us!



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air allied compnay background

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