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Air & Allied Sales ( Pacific) Pty Ltd introduced the Dino Paoli products to the Pacific Rim in 2000 and since then has supported the products with unparalleled after sales support and technical assistance.  The Dino Paoli products have two effective "divisions" one being for Automotive and Industrial and the other for Professional Motorsport applications.  We are proud to be the sole agent for both ranges and look forward to supporting our valued clients with these ranges.  Air & Allied Sales (Pacific) and Paoli Pit Stop share many of the same philosophies.  One critical component of the Pit Stop products, as you can see from the logo, is that "We Speed Your Race".


Every aspect of our business utilises any possible technological advances and passion is a main ingredient in everything we do.


The Motorsport range is one of the world leading technologies in todays market.  New advancments are being made each day and we are proud to always offer our clients the latest technology to further enhance their Pit Stops, whilst always ensuring we deliver the most durable and accurate products.


You are assured of finding a durable and reliable solution within this range.  For assistance in chosing the right solution Contact Us and we will be happy to help.


DINO PAOLI S.r.l. was established in 1968 as specialised manufacturers of pneumatic impact wrenches and accessories.  A leader in Italy, the company soon started to reach out to foreign markets, especially in Europe.  High quality of products and services fast gained them important credit with one of the most selective and demanding customers, i.e. FORMULA 1, supplied since 1975. This was the start of a long experience in the sector of Motorsport.


In 1995, PAOLI enters the US Motorsport market and demonstrates the quality of their products on the pit lanes of INDY FORMULA and CART FORMULA.

To date, the users of PAOLI PIT STOP® products include all the teams running for the following championships: F.1, GP2, DTM, WORLD SERIES BY RENAULT, A1GP, IRL, F.NIPPON, V8-SUPERCAR, and nearly all racing stables in ENDURANCE, GT, F.3000, ALMS specialties.
It is also worth mentioning that the main teams of the remaining championships are satisfied customers of PAOLI PIT STOP® recommended products and accessories.


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air allied compnay background

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