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The NRMA Insurance Smash Repair Team provide unique opportunities for apprentices to obtain "hands on" experiences in the fields of crash repair, spray painting, sign writing, welding, all in the unique motorsport arena.


Guided by their fearless leader Tony Warrener, this team of dedicated and passionate people including Kevin Cull and the gorgeous Diana Warrener (Tony's patient wife) trek the countryside supporting each round of the V8 Supercar series.  They provide a valuable and free service to all teams and members of the motorsport community who may require their wide ranging services, and without the support of their sponsors they would not be able to provide this important service.




With a large number of apprentices and team members they all require food and this is where Diana and her trusty troop come into play.  There is always an abundance of good food, tea, coffee and drinks for the team. Without Diana the operation would halt! Everyone knows, no food, no action, so to you Diana we all say thank you very much and we love you heaps!


The Smash Repair Team makes everyone feel very welcome; the atmosphere is very much a family orientated one.  With this philosophy everyone, including the sponsors, "get in and lend a hand" whilst ensuring the "customers" requirements are met on time - without failure.  If a race vehicle comes in at 5.00pm and is required to be on track the next morning for a start, the team gets into action.  They set up a shift rotation, assess the requirements in order of importance, and then operate non stop all night until the job is completed to the required standards.


Air & Allied Sales (Pacific) Pty Ltd is proud to support and provide products as well as technical assistance to the team, ensuring ongoing training and practical experience for apprentices.  This "hands on" experience we believe, will make better trades people for the future and allow them to embrace a sense of passion in every aspect of their work. 

The moto of the Smash Repair Team is FAILURE IS NOT AN OPTION, they live by it and uphold all of its values and principles strongly.


To view some pictures of work the apprentices perform at the tracks click here.

If you are an apprentice looking for a rewarding addition to your training please feel free to contact the Smash Repair Team.


air allied compnay background

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